Risk assessment & evaluation

The Dutch Occupational Health and Safety legislation requires you to conduct a risk assessment and evaluation (RA&E). This means composing a list of all the possible risks on the working floor, as well as all the risk reduction measures you have taken and the risks for employees in special categories. The RA&E can further be specified with task risk assessments, safety studies, etc. An RA&E will, if so required, be evaluated by a certified expert, the so-called higher safety expert (SKO certified).


Charting the work related risks and determining the management measures.


Below you will find an indication of the procedures:

  • Conducting general risk assessments within your company or project.
  • Conducting risk assessments based on specific standards, such as ISO, SCC or HACCP.
  • Conducting specific risk assessments, such as task risk assessments and job safety analyses.
  • Determining the level of exposure and proposing appropriate risk management.
  • Drawing up / developing a plan of action.
  • Creating instruments to implement improvements as a result of the plan of action.
  • Advice regarding the implementation and the securing of the plan of action.