Developing safety plans & procedures

Your safety policies can be made by a systematic approach, or broken by the lack of one. Whether it concerns your plan of action following a Risk Assessment & Evaluation, a company aid plan or a Safety & Health plan for the construction of a new installation.

Our goal

Setting up your safety policies and the best possible way to achieve these policies, together with developing the instruments to be used to that end.


Below you will find an indication of the procedures:

  • Drafting (project) plans / procedures for Safety, Quality or Environmental care.
  • Drafting handbooks and procedures for SCC*/SCC**/SCR/SCC/OHSAS or ISO.
  • Developing and implementing company aid plans and evacuation models.
  • Drafting documents that could be/become part of: company procedures, safety regulations, handbooks, protocols, training manuals, etc.
  • Creating training plans and corresponding skills.
  • Providing advice and interpretation during the implementation of the plans and procedures.
  • Assessing and evaluating your current company plans and procedures.