Dispatching quality, safety and health employees that fit your company; for this we focus on the culture of your organization, so that we can find the perfect match. We dispatch professionals that contribute to raising the permanent availability of employees.

By linking your organizational culture to the background, characteristics, skills and passion of the professional, we create the perfect match.

You choose Arts Safety B.V. because of:

  • The energetic and committed professionals: during the selection procedure, we select and test the skills of our professionals;
  • our experience;
  • the right match: both during the selection assessment as well as during the interview, we try to find matches to various organizational cultures, so that we can offer you a candidate that best fits your organization.

We are able to meet the desires of our relations and our candidates within the shortest of terms. Arts Safety B.V. is an international player, with experience in various countries. When formulating your order, we assess which skills are important for the execution of the function. When selecting the candidate, we do not only assess the knowledge and the experience, but also the personal skills.


A candidate will be selected based on his experience within the area of expertise and his knowledge of the branch activities. Not only the level of education is taken into account, but also the skills, the experience and the communicative skills.